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Elynor Walcott

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Anyone who knows music and Boston knows Wally’s Jazz Club. Opened by Barbados-born Joseph ‘Wally’ Walcott in 1947, the club was a place for Black folks to enjoy music in the segregated city. Since its opening, the club has gone on to play live music 365 nights a year with its doors open to any and all. The spirit of inclusivity at the heart of the club has made it a beloved place in Boston for decades, treating everyone who crosses the threshold into the club with respect and care, allowing them to immerse themselves into the music rather than worry about their safety. And they are lucky for it– the club has hosted jazz greats, and greats-in-the-making, making it a major part of jazz history in Boston and Beyond. The club is now run by Ms. Elynor Walcott and her three sons Frank, Paul, and Lloyd Poindexter, all of whom show a penchant for hard work and a love of music and community.

Co-Creation Team

Cassie Tanks

Ph.D. Student, World History

Cassie Tanks is a first year World History Ph.D. student at Northeastern University. During the course of her studies, Cassie aims to deepen her engagement with public facing historical and archival work, as well as explore the histories of the Cold War, paramilitarism, liberation, and veterans experiences. She is a research assistant for Dr. Angel David Nieves and his 3D spatial history publication, Apartheid Heritage(s), and Reckonings.

Kristin Økland

Ph.D. Student, World History

Kristin is a PhD student in world history whose academic emphasis focuses on the Web and Internet in the 1990s into the early 2000s as well as the British Empire during the 18th and 19th centuries.