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About Eddy Morency

...since his return he continues to keep people dancin'!

Eddy Morency, a.k.a. DJ Bruno, has been DJing in Boston since 1987. He first became known in the college scene in the late ’80s to early ’90s for mixing Hip Hop, Reggae, RnB & House Music. In 1991, he began a residency at the BOSTON LOFT with Armand Van Helden, and then in February of 1992, he started the Legendary Utopia Parties. Utopia still remains as one of Boston’s hottest DEEP HOUSE MUSIC events.

In 2006, Boston Magazine awarded him DJ of the Year. In 2007, Weekly Dig awarded Utopia Sundays the BEST HOUSE NIGHT IN BOSTON. On December 22, 2012, he was forced to retire due to health issues with diabetes. That same evening politician Tito Jackson gave him an award that said December 22, 2012, was DJ BRUNO DAY.

After an operation that caused him to lose some of his vision, he enrolled in the Carroll Center for the Blind. At the center, he learned to cope with his blindness and to continue loving life. Still determined to do what he loves he came out of retirement in July 2013. SINCE HIS RETURN HE CONTINUES TO KEEP PEOPLE DANCIN’!

Eddy's Music

...it's up to the DJ to create a mood, create an atmosphere. ...When you DJ the whole night, you can take everybody on a journey, you know?

If we can dance together, we can live together.

Co-Creation Team

Rose-Laura Meus

B.A. Candidate, International Affairs and History

Rose-Laura Meus is currently a B.A. Candidate in International Affairs and History at Northeastern University who is also pursuing an M.A. in World History

Giorgia Shields

Sociology PhD Student

Giorgia Shields joined Northeastern’s sociology Ph.D. program in the Fall of 2019. She holds a B.A. in sociology from Georgia State University, and an M.A. in women’s and gender studies from the University of Texas at Austin.